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The Warrnambool College School colours are green and orange, as displayed in the school uniform. The houses that all staff and students are placed in as part of the pastoral care program has the following colours: Belfast – Green; Childers – Yellow; Flagstaff – Blue; Hopkins – Red; Logan’s – Purple; Merri – Orange.

In 2011 Warrnambool College introduced a pastoral care system through six houses: Telfast, Childers, Flagstaff, Hopkins, Logan and Merri. These houses are named after local landmarks in the region, including the Merri and Hopkins Rivers.

Principal: Mary Fitzgerald

 On the Dihydrogen Monoxide website, they were saying that it was bad when all it actually was, was water. They said it was a dangerous but it’s not.

Trouble In Paradise

Vijay Chand



To The Editor,

Gut Wrenching! The word that best describes the torture our cattle go through. It has to be stopped! Our poor cattle are being terrorised by Indonesian slaughter houses. They have their fun by tormenting these poor innocent animals, which is utterly horrific and this is before our cattle are even killed. They are suffering and their life is just a living hell. Farmers go into all the effort to look after their cattle and their hard work and commitment is repaid by torture. Live exports to Indonesia have to be STOPPED!

After travelling up to 9000 km to get to Indonesia, the cattle are cramped into shipping containers in a standing position only with no room to move, and when they finally reach Indonesia, that’s when the terror starts, that’s if they even made the trip alive.

Rope casting, where cattle are forcibly tripped onto their sides, followed by slaughter using multiple throat cuts while animals are fully conscious, are all normal practice, this is what awaits the poor unsuspecting cattle as they are herded off the boats and straight into the kill floor.  There are no enforceable animal welfare regulations or penalties in Indonesia, so torturing of animals before they are killed is normal practiced. The RSPCA investigated this injustice and found that this is widely practiced through-out Indonesia.

Painful handling techniques, such as the use of physical force (poking, hitting, kicking, tail twisting) to move animals were observed in 90% of slaughter houses located across Indonesia, Why is this allowed? In my opinion why do we send our cattle that we take pride in, to a country that clearly has no intention or willingness to learn how to treat these animals with respect and to slaughter humanly.

If this export industry of livestock is going to continue I will be pushing for laws to be put in place for penalties and more so strict regulations on procedures on how to slaughter properly and humanly within Indonesia. If these laws cannot be enforced then let’s look at the alternatives within Australia and how we can keep the slaughtering here so it can be regulated and monitored for continual  proper practice and create jobs for our fellow Australians, which allows more income to stay within our own country.

My Strengths and Weaknesses.

 I completed a survey which said that my strengths are Musical, Logical, Linguistic, Interpersonal, Kinaesthetic and Visual/Spatial. I agree because I really like listening to music (Mackelmore). The most interesting thing about this is that I ended up having heaps with the same score so I did all the ones that was in the top 3.

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